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Casimir Pulaski began his military career as a young man in Poland where, with his father and brothers, he led an uprising against King Stanislas II. In the bitter fighting, his father and brothers were killed. Pulaski, arrested and condemned to death for his part in the revolt, escaped. Eventually he made his way to France where he met Benjamin Franklin. Inspired by Franklin's fervor for the American cause, Pulaski sailed for the colonies, determined to fight for independence. In 1777, armed with letters of recommendation from his friend Benjamin Franklin, Pulaski presented himself to General George Washington. Impressed by Pulaski's ability, Washington accepted his generous offer of assistance and Pulaski became an American soldier. Later, responding to his brave performance at the Battle of Brandywine, Congress made him a brigadier general in charge of the cavalry. In 1778, Pulaski resigned his post after receiving permission from Congress to form an independent unit of cavalrymen. Pulaski's Legion, as he called his troops, performed well and, by 1779, Pulaski became the commander of the French and American cavalry at the Battle of Savannah.Unfortunately, Pulaski was seriously wounded in the fighting on October 9. His men carried him aboard the U.S. brig Wasp in Savannah harbor. Two days later, on October 11, he died of his injury and by an act of Congress, this day is officially commemorated as Pulaski Day.

Post card honoring bicentenial of General's heroic death.
FDC on UX79 post card. Colorano cachet autographed by designer David Blossom.
Same as above but not authographed
General Casimir Pulaski - hero of two nations. The only American General killed during American Revolution.
Same card (UX79) catcheted by Los Angeles Polish Philatelic Society.
Another interesting catched on the same post card.
Card with biography note printed on the back.